Helmets Gueneau 458 for Sale!

450.00 Euro €
27/07/2018 420


I'm Leandro from Brazil and I bought 08 fighter pilot helmets Gueneau 458, ex-FAB (Brazilian Air Force), helmets flew in Mirage 2000 here. FAB bought them when we bought the Mirage 2000 from France, so they were used in the Armée de l'Air before too.

I will get one for me, there is a guy in Hungary that is buying one and i will sell the others 06 Gueneaus 458 (they have no masks, the only 2 masks will be one with me and the other going to the guy in Hungary). They are in very good conditions!

I'm sending you pictures of it.
I will sell for 450 euros/each, and if you buy a package (03 or more), i can study a discount for it.
Tell me if you have interest!!
Don't miss it, because the mask Type 82 is a cheap item in Europe! There are brand news for 112 euros on eBay!!

My contacts:
WhatsApp: +55 54 99127-4737

Thanks a lot,
Leandro Furlan
South of Brazil.